January 19, 2012 @ 11:30 AM


Some people would say that choosing a good RI roofing contractor is the single most
important decision you will be faced with on a new project. I happen to agree
with that notion and will try to provide you with some helpful tips to help you
along the way.

An excellent place to start is by asking people that you know, friends, or
coworkers who have recently had a new roof installed on their home questions
about prospective roofing contractors in Rhode Island. Was the job completed on schedule?

Didthe roofing contractor leave a mess? Were the proper materials used? Unpaid
praise is perhaps the best indicator of quality work one could hope for, and
certainly more reliable than any advertising.

You will also want to know if a roofing contractor is licensed, bonded, and
insured. This is critical information especially in the event that
something goes wrong. At the same time it lessens the chance that anything will
go wrong because quality RI contractors tend not skip these important steps. If
your area has local builders associations this is often a good place to begin
your search for a reputable roofing contractor. Most of these associations
require proper licensing and insurance as pre-requisites of membership.

Once you have a list of roofing contractors in Rhode Island you will want to get estimates
from each. Always get estimates in writing and understand the “fine print”.
Thorough inspections (exterior and interior) should be conducted before any
estimates are given. It is a good idea to request a list of recently completed
projects from the contractor so you may take a look at some of their work.

There are some questions you will want to ask a prospective roofing contractor.
How long have they been in business? Will staples or nails be used? In areas
with high wind the latter is preferable. You should ask if there will be any
additional cost for repairing damaged decking material, or roof framing found
after the old roof is removed. Does the company require money up front (this
one should throw up a red flag for sure)? Is there a warranty on labor and
materials? You will want to know if the cost of removing the old shingles is
included in the overall price. Always ask about liability for any damage incurred
on your home such as rain gutters etc.

Checking with the Better Business Bureau or local Chamber of Commerce is another
good idea. They maintain lists of complaints on local businesses including building
contractors. They will also be able to tell you how each complaint was resolved. A
complaint in and of itself is no reason to dismiss a particular contractor, but
seeing how they dealt with the problem can be very telling.

All of this may seem like a lot of work, but believe me when I tell you that doing
a little homework can save you from a whole bunch of future problems. Picking up the
yellow pages and calling the first name on the list or the company with the prettiest
ad can be a recipe for disaster.


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