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Best Rhode Island Roofing also does siding installation in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and surrounding areas.

How do I know what type of siding to use on my home? 

There are dozens of different kinds of siding for different kinds of situations. Your home may call for fiber-cement siding, while someone else’s home may call for southern-beaded vinyl siding. There are a variety of factors that go into the decision like how much direct sunlight the home gets, how old is the home and how long will you be in the home. Ask about our FREE home siding inspection by calling (401) 207-1273



What's involved in siding my Rhode Island home?

After an assessment to determine the best siding  product for your home, we start by covering and protecting items not involved in the renovation. Then, if necessary, we would strip off the old product and wrap new insulation where it’s needed.

After the outer area of the home is prepared, we install the siding product. Then we check the details and add appropriate accessories. And finally, we clean up any debris or leftover pieces and leave your home in perfect condition.

How long will vinyl siding last?

Our products have a Lifetime Warranty, meaning the warranty is transferable to new owners, should you sell your home. This increases the value of your resell.

Isn’t it cheaper to paint my home?

It may cost less now, but after adding the cost of repainting every few years, and repairing and replacing rotting sections it no longer sounds enticing to paint. Also, according to Today’s Homeowner Magazine and Remodeling Magazine, a home can recoup 84% of the investment involved in replacement siding.

What siding accessories and siding trims are available for my home?

When renovating the outside of your home, you should think about more than siding and windows. You’ll need to look at window and door trim, columns, soffits, garage doors, and just about everything else on the outside of your home. Most of these products will be available from your home exterior contractor.

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